King Charles III crest ‘shockingly similar’ to Cristiano Ronaldo logo: ‘Disaster’

King Charles III crest 'shockingly similar' to Cristiano Ronaldo logo: 'Disaster'

King Charles III is seeming taking  tips from football champion Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 73-year-old’s new crest, which is set to replace his mother Queen Elizabeth II’s cypher on government buildings. 

Charles new crest is carefully picked out from various designs curated by College of Arms. Featuring a C and R, the cypher is completed with a crown.

While C in the crest stands for Charles, R (Rex) comes from the Latin translation of King.

However, the new monogram has a shocking similarity to the Manchester United player’s official logo, which he fondly uses for his personal brand.

“Ronaldo’s trademark is used for a string of endorsements including CR7 underwear, perfume and leather shoes,” adds The Sun.

Responding to the new crest, fans on Twitter were quick to poke fun at monarchy.

“My gawd [sic], these ppl[sic] would steal the crack from yo behind if you’re not careful,” one wrote.

“I smell a copyright/trademark lawsuit coming!!!” a fan conjectured.

A third wrote: “This is going to be a disaster.”

This is shockingly similar,” added one.

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